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Chenoa Fund™ is an affordable down payment assistance program provided by CBC Mortgage Agency. CBC Mortgage Agency’s mission is to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership opportunities for creditworthy individuals who lack the ability to provide a down payment on a home. If you’re looking to provide affordable housing for creditworthy families, you’ve come to the right spot. CBC Mortgage Agency offers the following:

  • Down payment assistance in the form of second mortgages
  • Down payment assistance for FNMA conventional loans
  • Down payment assistance for FHA loans

CBC Mortgage Agency has created a training series resource on the Chenoa Fund™ program to help you understand the requirements for each product offered through Chenoa Fund™ and provide instructions to help your closings happen on-time and hassle-free.

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    CBCMA Does Not Originate Mortgage Loans. This is not an offer to lend money nor a solicitation of a mortgage application by CBCMA.