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A New Chapter in Our Story: Our Dynamic Rebranding

As proof that time does indeed fly, this year marks the 10th anniversary of CBC Mortgage Agency (CBCMA). We know, we can hardly believe it ourselves! Since our founding in 2013, we have become pioneers in providing down payment assistance (DPA) to homebuyers who are most in need and a trusted partner to mortgage lenders […]

How the Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance Program Helps IMBs and Credit Unions Overcome Down Payment Barriers

Most independent mortgage bankers and credit unions understand how challenging it can be to help first-time homebuyers, especially when they're the first ones in their family trying to achieve homeownership. But it's particularly challenging when rates are elevated and there are fewer homes on the market.    That’s why a growing number of IMBs and credit […]

How to Overcome Homeownership Roadblocks with Chenoa Fund

Everyone’s path to homeownership looks different, but most people will encounter a few roadblocks along the way. That’s certainly more likely these days, as higher interest rates and low housing inventory are placing additional obstacles on the path to buying a home.   Fortunately, Chenoa Fund, CBC Mortgage Agency’s down payment assistance program (DPA), is helping […]

The Case of the Disappearing Down Payment—And How to Solve It

Many Americans spend years saving up enough money for a down payment on a home. Under normal circumstances, the endeavor is a major struggle that takes hard work, diligence and sacrifice. But over the past year, the struggle has gotten harder than ever. Thanks to inflation and the lingering impacts of the Covid pandemic, a […]

Home Buying Advantages Not Available to Renters

Across the U.S., there are millions of renters who yearn to be homeowners or who are at least wondering if they would be better off owning their own home. For many, the decision often boils down to the current state of the housing market and whether home prices and interest rates are going up or […]

How Softening Home Prices Impact New Originations

Housing markets are always evolving, although today’s market looks starkly different than it did one year ago. Not only have interest rates roughly doubled over the past year, but housing prices are lower, too. In fact, 2023 could see the first year-over-year decline in prices since the Great Recession. As 2023 gets under way, many […]