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Chenoa Fund Testimonials

We invite you to be inspired by our homebuyers, their stories, and our role in helping them achieve homeownership with CBC Mortgage Agency’s down payment assistance program, Chenoa Fund.

“I am here to praise the Chenoa Fund program. Without this program I would not be in my own home today. I looked at many programs out there that support first time homebuyers and this program was the fastest and easiest. I am forever grateful.”

Tia D.

“We are beyond grateful and thankful for the opportunity that Chenoa Fund provided with down payment assistance. Calling this house our home would have never been possible without this option!”

Kevin B.

“Because of the Chenoa fund down payment assistance program, I was able to have the money that I needed to buy my house. I was able to host dinner for my family for the holidays and for that I am very grateful.”


“We have really enjoyed our new home and we are so grateful for options for first time homebuyers. We were able to purchase our new home despite several financial factors stacked against us. We have put a lot of love and work into our home and it’s still a work in progress, but it is extremely rewarding owning your own home and making it yours!”

Dylan R.

“With the help of Chenoa Fund, I was able to make this dream into a reality.”

Danielle T.

“Very happy with the program. It allowed me to get the home of my dreams. They also provided me with tools that I will use for the lifetime of being a homeowner.”

Tyler W.

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