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Chrisman Report

June 9, 2020

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UHOUSI Initiative – Civil Rights leaders, Dr. Alveda King and Bishop Harry Jackson are leading a movement to address the national wealth gap, where minorities have 1/10th the net worth of whites. The UHOUSI Initiative is partnering with churches around the country to educate minorities on programs such as the Chenoa Fund, which aims to help families achieve the dream of homeownership through the provision of DPA. Homeownership leads to better family and community outcomes. You can make a difference in addressing the racial wealth gap in our nation by actively educating the minority community and increasing the pool of people you lend to. Did you know that 2/3rds of all household formations in the next decade will be minority led? Be part of a growing movement.  To learn more, contact us about sponsoring a homebuyer education event in your community, where we will provide media outreach and spotlight your company’s efforts.

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