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June 23, 2020

June 23, 2020 By

Monitored Marketplace: It appears HUD is considering regulating the benefits to, and geographical operating areas of, governmental entities providing DPA, like CBC Mortgage Agency. But Miki Adams, vice-president of CBC, which operates the Chenoa Fund program, says there is a better way: a monitored marketplace that tracks the pricing and performance of loans by individual governmental DPA providers, something HUD doesn’t currently do but easily could. This would allow HUD to establish performance standards for DPA loans and ensure there is a competitive market so that borrowers get the lowest costs and a variety of products. After collecting sufficient data, HUD could use the pricing and performance statistics to support rulemaking. But “HUD intends to do just the opposite: regulate without supporting data, creating onerous requirements for government DPA programs,” Adams says. “That will inevitably produce fewer options and less benefit to borrowers.” Read about the Monitored Marketplace here.

As seen in the Chrisman Report- full report can be read here.