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June 15, 2020

June 15, 2020 By

In its Regulatory Plan for FY 2020, HUD raised concerns about governmental entities benefiting financially from DPA programs. To ensure government programs are not benefiting too much, HUD is considering establishing a de minimis amount that government programs can receive above the cost of the DPA. Such a regulation could dramatically decrease the amount of DPA available from governments who could no longer fund their programs. Government programs like the Chenoa Fund, offered through CBC Mortgage Agency, provides minorities, who often lack intergenerational family wealth to help with home purchases, the ability to buy a home. CBCMA EVP Miki Adams says, "HUD's focus should be less on the benefit to the government entity and more on the benefit to the borrower." Adams added that HUD needs to base any changes it makes on program specific loan performance and pricing data, which HUD is currently not collecting. See our policy recommendations here.

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