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Dear Home Buyer

April 22, 2019 By

Dear Home Buyer:

We believe that the FHA recently violated federal law by making changes to its insurance program that may prevent us from helping you with your down payment. This was done without first following the proper process of public notification, allowing for a public comment period, considering the comments in their final policy, and then providing a transition period for any changes that will go into effect. Instead, they are attempting to implement new policies based on supposition and without any facts to support them.

This reckless application of power needs to be stopped. The best way we can do so is to share your story as a homebuyer who may have the opportunity to purchase a home either postponed or eliminated because you are now unable to receive down payment funds.

The ideal format is if you will send us an email or fill out the form below that includes your name, location, how you will be affected if you cannot receive down payment funds from us, and permission to share your story.

If you do not feel comfortable in doing this, you can print and answer the questions below HERE and simply return this letter:

Other Ways You Can Help

  1. Tell us how you were harmed. Click Here >>
  2. Sign the petition. Click Here >>
  3. Write a letter or make a call for support (Please send a copy to: info@chenoafund.org):

Tell Us How You Were Harmed






    *By filling out this form, you are giving permission for CBCMA to contact you.

    Sign The Petition

      I was able to buy a home by using the Chenoa Fund down payment assistance program, without which it would have been extremely difficult for me to be a homeowner. Owning a home has been critical for me in securing a better life for myself and my loved ones.
      Please do not allow FHA to pass a rule which will limit homeownership options. I add my name in support of the Chenoa Fund in requesting that this Mortgagee Letter be withdrawn. FHA should work with Chenoa Fund to manage risks and address concerns it may have.


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      *By filling out this form, you are giving permission for CBCMA to contact you.