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Chenoa Fund Spotlight: The Scenario Desk

June 23, 2021 By
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Making a loan happen is not always easy, and sometimes small hiccups can snowball into big problems between application and closing. This is why CBC Mortgage Agency makes it a high priority to provide resources to our correspondents to answer questions. From online resources, like our program guidelines and our quick trainings, to in-house human live support, with our Information and Servicing teams, we aim to make the Chenoa Fund down payment assistance program easy for our correspondents.

CBC Mortgage Agency puts customers first

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National Marketing Manager, James Bethe, states, ”CBC Mortgage Agency is a customer focused company that just happens to offer down payment assistance. It’s great to have a person to person responsive approach in an industry where delayed response times and unanswered inquiries leave customers in the dark. When you need to know more about the Chenoa Fund down payment assistance program, the team at CBC Mortgage Agency makes it happen with a sense of urgency.”

We support you so that you may support your clients

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Providing too many supportive resources can come with its own problem - choice paralysis! If I have a question, whom do I send it to? Some questions may have a clear direction—for example, sending a question about uploading a loan to our online portal to our Submissions team, or a question about extending a lock to our Locks team—but other questions not so much. When it’s time to get into the weeds with the details of a specific loan, whom should you turn to?

General questions about the Chenoa Fund program, such as “What are the general credit requirements for your program?”, should be directed to our Information team. However, if you have a specific loan with a unique situation, please reach out to our Scenario Desk for more in depth assistance. Operating from 7am–5pm MST, the Chenoa Fund Scenario Desk is a one-stop shop to see whether or not a loan can work, and provides detailed information to ensure the loan is within guidelines. Got a mixed-use property and you’re not sure that you can make it work with a Chenoa Fund loan? Contact our Scenario Desk. Looking for an exception because your borrower is a point above a DTI requirement? Contact our Scenario Desk. In short, if you have a specific scenario or exception for a loan between application and closing, or if you want to get an estimate as to whether a borrower should qualify for Chenoa Fund before application, reach out to the Scenario Desk. We’re even able to help you structure some of the finer points of your loan in your underwriting program. Whatever the question, you can comfortably expect a response within the hour.

For more personalized assistance, feel free to request a phone call or a video conference response and we will schedule a time to connect.

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