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4 Tips Lenders Can Use to Prepare for the Upcoming Refinance Dry Spell

May 26, 2021 By
refi blog

Interest rates are starting to rise making refinances for homeowners more of a challenge. Last year's unprecedented low interest rates created a huge demand that helped many lenders access a large amount of refinance opportunities, but as refinances start to slow down lenders will need to shift their focus towards home purchases. In this article we will explore how lenders can overcome the future dry spell of refinances and uncover new opportunities with loans for homebuyers. 

Prepare for the home buying demand and different loans situations ahead 

Are you ready for the wave of homebuyers that will be coming to you? Also, are you prepared to provide the assistance needed to move forward with a home? You may need be ready for challenges along the way. The crazy thing about the lending industry is that no two homebuyer opportunities are the same. As much as we would like to think that every homebuyer has an income over six figures, an 800 credit score, and a quarter million dollars in the bank, that’s usually not the case. You can go from a high income and credit score loan opportunity to a low income and low credit score opportunity and everything in between. So, make sure that you are well prepared for different situations and can accommodate them as they arise. 

Make it easy to apply for a loan

There is a lot of competition when it comes to picking a lender for a mortgage. Homebuyers can be very confused by the process and which lender is the right fit to meet their home buying needs. A great way to stand out is by making the home buying process easy to understand. Invest in the right software and loan process to put the application process online, and yes, that means no clunky old fashioned type of experience. Your clients expect the process to be optimized which will have everything done electronically, including signatures, rather than downloading, printing, scanning, and returning. This will definitely help you streamline the process and react well to the new wave of loans that will be coming in.

Strengthen and build relationships with real estate agents 

Real estate agents are your best friend when it comes to loan opportunities. Real estate traffic trends up with a boost in homes sold and loans needed, so they have the ability to keep you very busy. Being in good graces with real estate agents will ramp up your referrals and leads. It could actually become one of your main resources for business. Also, a real estate agent’s referrals are usually highly convertible because the agent is providing homebuyers that are motivated to buy. In addition, these referrals are often referred by a close acquaintance, which helps the referral warm up faster. Think about it: they trusted their realtor to help them purchase a house that is hundreds of thousands of dollars. This usually means it’s likely that they will trust the realtor’s recommendation for a lender. Also, the homebuyer is usually exhausted by the time that they select a house and they just want a loan with minimum hassle. They will be looking for the convenience of a trusted loan recommendation that will easily move along the process. So, taking the time to build relationships with real estate agents every once in a while wouldn’t hurt and can help build organic growth. 

Provide down payment assistance programs 

There is going to be a big burst of renters looking to become homeowners. That means you’re going to need to have the ability to offer down payment assistance. Why? Well, let us paint the picture. Hold on; let’s pull out the paint brush… Ok, so there is a renters shortage going on right now, as in today. That means that homebuyers who were on the fence to buy a home this year may look to try rent for another year or two. But when they pursue renting, they will be frustrated by the shortage and shocked by the monthly price hike. Which means they will go back on the home buying hunt and find a home that may be a challenge to afford (which was the reason they were trying to rent in the first place). This will result in these types of homebuyers having a down payment roadblock, positioning you to help them if you have a down payment assistance program like CBC Mortgage Agency’s Chenoa Fund program ready at your fingertips. If you apply to offer Chenoa Fund down payment assistance, you’ll have the ability to offer both 3.5% and 5% down payment assistance to a homebuyer that has a minimum credit score of 620. Also, you’ll be providing your borrower with the best support available, as the Chenoa Fund program provides homebuyer assistance for eighteen months after closing. To get a breakdown on the programs that the Chenoa Fund program offers, please visit the lenders program section on our website. 

We hope that you enjoyed these 4 tips to overcome the upcoming refinance dry spell. This challenge is just an opportunity for lenders, and if you are prepared and ready for the home buying shift then you will feel no disruption. Visit our website at chenoafund.org and discover how you can provide a down payment assistance solution that helps you lend a hand before you lend a loan.      

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