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Updates and Announcements


By August 17, 2018No Comments

As of 8/20/18, on the Rate Advantage program, CBC Mortgage Agency will no longer use household income to determine if a borrower meets AMI requirements. We will begin using Qualifying Income, just as we do on the DPA EDGE program. This means that we will no longer require the household income worksheet. Please note also as of 8/20/18, we will no longer charge an adjustment on MCC loans, whether used to qualify the borrower or not. Loans with an MCC will have same pricing as non-MCC loans. However, it is important that CBC is notified of all MCC loans. The MCC adjustment change will reflect on the rate we send out on Monday, August 20th, 2018. At this time, we will also change the Manual Underwrite LLPA to (.500). Our program guidelines and web page will be updated the week of August 20th. Please contact your assigned Account Executive if you have any questions.