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October 23, 2017 By

CBC Mortgage Agency has partnered with Hope Loan Port, a HUD approved counseling agency, to provide borrowers with information, free counseling, and support after the borrowers have received their home loans in order to help borrowers better understand how and when their loan will be sold, let them know to whom they need to make their payments for which month, and to reassure them that none of their loan terms will change. They will also be available for counseling if borrowers encounter challenges or need help understanding the responsibilities of homeownership at no cost to them. In order to ensure all of our borrowers have a positive experience and to avoid the confusion that has resulted in the past from the multiple loan transfers after home purchase, CBCMA will need contact phone numbers for all borrowers prior to issuing closing documents. Beginning today, October 23rd, CBCMA will not issue a Funding Obligation Letter until we have a valid phone number, so if your 3.2 file does not contain the borrower’s phone number, our staff will be reaching out to you to get this important number. We believe this will help all of us better serve these new homeowners.