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Why Mortgage Lenders are Pivoting to Home Purchases Rather Than Refinances

The refinance market has been extremely hot during recent years. Specifically, not long after COVID lockdowns started many lenders found themselves doing so many refinances that it became difficult to make the time to originate a mortgage, much to the frustration of some borrowers looking to take advantage of low rates. But in recent months […]

How Lenders Can Grow Millennial Homeownership

There’s a common misconception among potential homeowners that a 20% down payment is required to purchase a home—in fact, about one in three would-be homeowners believe this according to Freddie Mac. This misconception causes many future homeowners to believe that it will be years before they can purchase a home, or that homeownership will always be out […]

4 Successful Down Payment Assistance Strategies For Lenders

The housing market is hot right now and, in many areas, housing prices have never been higher. This exacerbates an existing problem for many borrowers, specifically how difficult it can be to afford a down payment (and closing costs) when saving takes time and home prices keep growing. Down payment assistance can help alleviate this […]

How Lenders May Be Able To Turn Renters Into Homeowners

Becoming a homebuyer these days sure can be challenging. Many people don’t have the advantage of purchasing a home right away and become renters first. Owning a home is a decision that has to fit your lifestyle and goals. Most of the time, however,  this takes years of preparation before having the ability to buy […]

Borrower Questions to Always Keep in Your Lender Playbook

Football season is here! To help you avoid being the broken chair at the tailgate and folding under pressure, we’ve collected some common questions that you should be prepared to answer when homebuyers are on the hunt for a lender. What qualifications do I need to apply for a mortgage?  Borrowers have their hearts set […]

CBC Mortgage Agency’s Chenoa Fund™ To Exhibit At MBA’s Annual Convention and Expo 2021

CBC Mortgage Agency is excited to be part of the MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo 2021 event that is hosted by Mortgage Bankers Association on October 17th – 20, 2021 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA. At the event, CBC Mortgage Agency will be in attendance to discuss Chenoa Fund and […]

My Potential Homebuyer Can’t Afford the Down Payment and Closing Costs. Now What?

Many loan officers and realtors have been there before. You’ve found an excited borrower, maybe a young family, looking to purchase a home—maybe even for the first time. The process is exciting and daunting for your borrower and your borrower needs a lot of help, advice, encouragement, information--you name it. Still, you can’t help but […]

Overcoming Lender Challenges: The Latest New Normal Obstacles

Many loan officers came surfing into the first quarter of 2021 on a tidal wave of refinances that seemed unstoppable. Now, many find themselves tumbling to a halt as the tide ebbs just as quickly as it initially surged in. Sure, there’s still a market for refinancing, but many mortgage companies and loan officers are […]

Chenoa Fund Spotlight: The Scenario Desk

Making a loan happen is not always easy, and sometimes small hiccups can snowball into big problems between application and closing. This is why CBC Mortgage Agency makes it a high priority to provide resources to our correspondents to answer questions. From online resources, like our program guidelines and our quick trainings, to in-house human […]