CBC Mortgage Agency Applauds Congressional Black Caucus and Hispanic Caucus Letter Encouraging HUD to collect Individual FHA Loan Performance Data

Cedar Band of Paiutes Lauds Bipartisan Letter Urging HUD to Follow Longstanding Tribal Consultation Policy

Studies Find that Down Payment Assistance Programs Don’t Affect Loan Performance

CBC Mortgage Agency Applauds Unanimous Senate Committee Passage of T-HUD Appropriations Bill

Bishop Harry R. Jackson Hosts Workshop to Increase Home Ownership Among African Americans

Court Rules to Dismiss Litigation of Controversial Mortgagee Letter

HUD Files Motion To Dismiss Litigation of Controversial Mortgagee Letter

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Rescinds Letter Barring Down Payment Assistance from Nationwide Entities

Bishop Harry Jackson Applauds HUD Decision to Withdraw Guidance that Attacked Tribal Down Payment Assistance Program

HUD Officially Abandons New Rules for Down Payment Assistance on FHA Mortgages