Realtor: How to Find an Approved Lender

How do I find a Chenoa Fund approved lender?


CBCMA has a mission to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership, specifically for creditworthy, low- to moderate-income individuals. CBCMA partners with reputable mortgage lenders on a correspondent basis to provide loans for qualified homebuyers.


If you would like to find lender who represents Chenoa Fund in your area, please fill out this form and a Chenoa Fund representative will contact you:


    *Information is only used to contact you and is shared with referred lenders upon your approval.

    *By filling out this form, you are giving permission for CBCMA to contact you.


    *Information is only used to contact you and is only shared with referred lenders upon your approval.


    How can my lender become approved to represent the Chenoa Fund programs?

    The following outlines the process to make an application to become an approved lender and to represent the Chenoa Fund Programs.


    1. To apply for approval, access the application by clicking here.
    2. Please complete a full application and upload all required documents for review in Comergence. A list of required documents will be provided to you once you accept the invitation to apply to be a correspondent Lender of CBC Mortgage Agency.
    3. For general questions on the program and pricing, please contact For any other questions about the application process or required documents, please contact Shaunna King at
    4. Once you have uploaded all required documents, CBC Mortgage Agency will do a full file review of your application. During this review, if any documents are missing or deficient we will advise and allow you to correct any them. Once we have determined that we have a full and complete application, the application materials will be sent to our legal department for a final decision. The average turnaround time for a final decision by the legal department is about two weeks.

    Requesting Information

    If you would like more information about this program, please contact our program development team.

    Phone: 866-563-3507


    CBCMA Does Not Originate Mortgage Loans. This is not an offer to lend money nor a solicitation of a mortgage application by CBCMA.