Documentation Requirements 

Secondary financing will close in the name of your company. Prior to closing, CBC Mortgage Agency will issue a funding obligation letter (FOL) for the second lien. Secondary financing will be transferred to CBCMA after closing. Second mortgages are required to be registered with MERS; you will need to provide a MERS number for the second mortgage. Additional guidance can be found in CBCMA program guidelines, which is found at

IMPORTANT NOTES REGARDING DELIVERY OF THE SECOND LIEN TO CBCMA. Your FHA First Mortgage may NOT BE INSURABLE if you do not have an executed Assignment of the Second Mortgage to CBC Mortgage Agency OR a Secondary Financing MERS Transfer to CBCMA before you receive your final FHA Mortgage Insurance Certificate. Therefore, it is recommended that you transfer the MIN to CBCMA as soon as possible after closing (within 48 hours).

Under the terms of the funding obligation letter, your company extends funds at the closing table on behalf of CBC Mortgage Agency for the borrower’s down payment. These funds are reimbursed by CBC Mortgage Agency at the time the first mortgage is purchased. FHA requires that the secondary financing be in the name of the government agency prior to insuring, so it is extremely important that all second mortgage MINS are registered with MERS as soon as possible (within 48 hours) after closing and that the TOS/TOB to CBCMA be executed immediately.

The second must be transferred to CBC Mortgage Agency as soon as the file has been closed.

CBC Mortgage Agency contacts. The following are resources where you can address questions to the CBCMA team.

For general questions, contact:
For underwriting questions, contact:
For locks and registration process, contact:

Secondary financing documentation requirements. The following documents are required for all second lien loans

  • 2nd Lien Loan Application
  •  2nd Lien Loan Estimate
  • Recommended—Letter of Intent to Proceed
  • 2nd Lien Closing Disclosure
  • 2nd Lien First Payment Letter (Repayable Seconds Onle)—reflecting CBCMA servicing address:

ATTN: Cashiering
2100 SE 17th Street #112
Ocala, FL 34471

  • 2nd Lien Note—payment address for repayable 2nds must reflect CBCMA servicing address shown above; must be delivered to CBCMA within three (3) days of reverse bailee delivery if a reverse bailee is used
  • 2nd Lien Note to be Endorsed to CBC Mortgage Agency, or an Allonge that is wet signed (stamped signature OK if it is an original)
  • 2nd Lien Mortgage/Deed of Trust
  • CBC Mortgage Agency Secondary Financing Disclosure
  • CBC Mortgage Agency Letter from the President
  • CBC Mortgage Agency Quality Control Release Form
  • Addendum Regarding Seller or Lender Contributions (if applicable—applies to loans with seller-paid borrower origination charges)
  • Notice of Transfer of Servicing for 2nd Lien
  • Any additional state-required disclosures

Requesting Information

If you would like more information about this program, please contact our program development team.

Phone: 866-563-3507


CBCMA Does Not Originate Mortgage Loans. This is not an offer to lend money nor a solicitation of a mortgage application by CBCMA.