Calculating Area Median Income: Primary Method

CBC Mortgage Agency understands that there are many websites that help you to calculate the area median income for the borrowers. We ask that you use the HUD Area Median Income site when working with borrowers who will be using Chenoa Fund™ down payment assistance and who are receiving an FHA-insured first mortgage as we consider this site to be our standard.

Access the HUD AMI:

  1. Go to the HUD Area Median Income Site
  2. Select the most recent fiscal year
  3. Select the “State”
  4. Select the “County”
  5. Click “View County Calculations”
  6. For families with a size of 1–4, select the higher of the following:
    1. The number in the “Median Family Income” column
    2. The number in the “Persons in Family” column (“Very Low Income Limits” row, 4 persons); multiply this number by two
  7. Multiply the above number by 135%
    1. For example: $69,100 x 135% = $93,285


This is a third-party site. CBC Mortgage Agency state restrictions still apply, even if you see the option here.

Sometimes persons with 4 or fewer members in their family will find a higher AMI limit when using the alternative method. If this is the case, use the higher number.

Borrowers do not need to be under this AMI limit to meet the requirements for Chenoa Fund™ DPA For FHA Loans.