Equitable Purchase Program

Discover an Opportunity to Own a Home Even if Your Income or Credit Doesn’t Fit Traditional Requirements

Chenoa Fund™ by CBC Mortgage Agency in partnership with Essex and Trio now offers a new homeownership opportunity that provides access to home financing for those who have income and who can make a regular housing payment, but who do not fit the traditional employment or credit standards. This opportunity includes financing for 100% of the purchase price of the property for consumers who have historically had a difficult time qualifying for a traditional home mortgage.

With the Equitable Purchase Program, the customer has the ability to access a fixed interest rate and financing for up to 40 years, allowing them to take full advantage of property appreciation and the tax benefits of homeownership while they are counseled on how to bring their current circumstances into line with traditional underwriting standards.

While borrowers receive 100% financing, they will be responsible for the costs associated with closing on the home, which will typically run 3.5% to 5% of the purchase price and must still have two months of payments left after closing. If a seller is willing to pay their closing costs, they should still plan on contributing around 2%. These funds can be gifted from other sources.


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Program Highlights:

  • Ability to ‘Buy Now’ without traditional credit, work history, or immigration status*.
  • Receive 100% financing.
  • Minimum credit score of 580.
  • Flexible on demonstrating cash flow that will support the payment.

How to Qualify:

Qualifying for the Equitable Purchase Program is simple with no limitations on household income and a minimum credit score of only 580. This program leans on your housing payment history and monthly income for most approvals. CBC Mortgage Agency provides participating lenders with uniform national underwriting guidelines and a solution for applicants that would otherwise be denied. Through the Equitable Purchase Program, lenders can expand their offerings like the Chenoa Fund down payment assistance program to help homebuyers bridge the gap to homeownership and save home buying opportunities that would otherwise be lost.

In Partnership

CBC Mortgage Agency is proud to partner with Link Home Loans that provides innovative homeownership solutions that promote self worth in customers and strengthen the communities served.
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*borrowers must be able to demonstrate monthly income and the ability to make regular monthly payments