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Can Down Payment Assistance Ease Homebuying Concerns for Worried Buyers?

The decision to purchase a home is not an easy one to make. Many still consider the American Dream to be homeownership, and while having a dream is often a great source of motivation, dreams may also be paired with high expectations and anxieties related to living up to those expectations. This puts many would-be […]

How to Save Up to One-third of Failed Mortgages

What would you do if one-third of the loans that you worked on could be saved? How many families would you help become homeowners? How much would it grow your income? A recent Down Payment Resource (DPR) study found that 33% of declined mortgage files were eligible for down payment assistance—down payment assistance that could […]

How Down Payment Assistance Can Set You Apart

If you want to get ahead in the housing market, both in helping borrowers get into homes and setting yourself up as someone that can make nearly any deal work, you need to get in the know with down payment assistance (DPA). Consider, for example, some points that Luz Keuler (editor at Readynest by MGIC) […]

Realtor Tips to Help Homebuyers Find Affordable Homeownership

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently published their 2022 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report. Here are some highlights and tips to help you make the most out of the evolving home market. Millennials make up 43% of homebuyers. That’s right, almost half of the current market belongs to millennials at the moment, […]

How Lenders and Realtors Can Increase Minority Homeownership

Minority homeownership has been a trending topic in the mortgage industry for some time now. Two factors play a large role in this: wealth inequality and intergenerational wealth. These topics rise to the top because it is generally believed that improving homeownership rates will help to reduce wealth inequality between racial groups and grow intergenerational […]

Tips for Lenders and Realtors to Discover New Homebuyer Opportunities

Rates are rising. Home prices are skyrocketing. Rent is blowing up. Inflation is tightening the budget of nearly everyone in the USA. Homebuyers are still out there, looking for a great deal, but the deluge of yesteryear has come and gone, leaving some lenders and realtors scrambling to snap up the buyers on the market. […]

Tips to Help You Become a More Successful Real Estate Agent

The housing market is an enormous market and absolutely brimming with opportunity and a lot of competition. It takes a creative, prepared, and industrious real estate agent to pull ahead of the pack! Here are some tips to help you stay on your A-game. Team up with other real estate agents. Work together for a […]

How Inflation May Impact Lenders

“Transitory inflation” has proven to have much more staying power than the word transitory might suggest, and as a result many borrowers are seeing the purchase of a home grow ever more difficult—specifically, more expensive. For borrowers familiar with the unprecedentedly low rates of yesteryear, this can be extremely frustrating, or even feel unfair. However, […]

Tips for Lenders and Real Estate Agents to Grow Business with Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance

With the unpredictable housing market many lenders and real estate agents are looking for additional ways to grow their business. Buyers are still turning out in droves to get a new home making the home buying market extremely competitive. For lenders and real estate agents, this could lead to opportunity within the market if you’re […]