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Updates and Announcements

Announcement: Final MISMO 3.4 is required on all loan deliveries.

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Please call your Account Executive for assistance or reach out to Submissions Team

We have updated our President’s Letter which is a part of our final disclosure package for closing.

If you pull your own 2nd mortgage closing package from your document provider or your own LOS you will need to be sure it is added to your closing package. We have updated the doc prep companies.

We require the following disclosures to be executed at closing for our 2nd mortgage. Disclosure of Secondary Financing
Quality Control Release Form
Addendum Regarding Seller or Lender Contributions

President’s Letter

If you pull your 2nd mortgage package from our website these documents will be included. Then marry our closing package for the second with your URLA (1003), Loan Transmittal, Final CD, and closing instructions to send to the title company or attorney’s office.

Sample Documents Quality Control Release

President’s Letter Rev. 3.24.23

Disclosure-of-Secondary-Financing tter-.docx


Sample Second Mortgage Closing Packages Sample CP-Repayable

Sample CP-Forgivable