07-15-2020—DPA for Conventional Loans Returning July 20th


On Monday, July 20th CBC Mortgage Agency will re-release its conventional DPA offering for both standard conventional and HomeReady loans. CBCMA qualifies as a Community Second (R) provider and our secondary financing conforms to Fannie Mae’s(R) Community Second(R) checklist.* Our program guidelines have not changed and are available on our website at chenoafund.org.

In order to see this program in our online portal, your company will need to be approved by Data Mortgage, Inc. dba Essex Mortgage and by Castle Mortgage Corporation in the Universal Collateral Data Portal. If you have not already been approved by either or both of these companies and wish to offer our conventional product, please reach out to Shaunna.King@chenoafund.org to request that an invitation be sent to you. Questions can be answered by your assigned account executive.

*Chenoa Fund is not approved by Fannie Mae and Fannie Mae (R) and Community Second (R) are registered trademarks of Fannie Mae(R)

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